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Financial Times Publishes Lengthy Story about Crisp & Cole Mortgage Fraud

Many, many articles have been posted in the California Real Estate Fraud Report about David Crisp, Carl Cole and the business they ran in the mid-2000s in Bakersfield that conned banks out of millions.

Now, Financial Times has published an extensive, compelling story that is an intense personal look at both David Crisp and Carl Cole. Writer Gary Silverman looks at their early lives, Cole’s fervent religious beliefs, how the two men came together and how their dishonest practices brought down the real estate market in Bakersfield and perhaps other areas. They and their biblically-named Tower Lending not only fell along with the market, but so did some of their close relatives and employees.

They may have gotten away with their crimes longer if not for the dogged efforts of appraiser Gary Crabtree, who is the real and only true hero of this sordid story.

Silverman correctly notes that “Banks that cheat people pay fines, but people who cheat banks do time.” Prosecutors rarely go after banks, especially in California, and when they do, they take the safe and easy path of seeking financial penalties. Regardless of how wealthy they became, David Crisp, Carl Cole and their associates were neither too big to fail nor too big to prosecute.

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